~ It doesn’t matter what I’m knitting,
I am knitting just to knit. - Lorelai Gilmore ~

Hiya! My name is C.C. Almon. I'm the Mamma part of the design team JavaPurl Designs.

A little about me: I've been married for 19+ years to the love of my life Russ (aka The Hubs). I have a beautiful 17+ year old daughter Dami. Our family of 3 just relocated back to the US from Scotland where the Hubs got his Ph.D. in Theology.

I'm a self-taught knitter (began in 2005) and can crochet just enough to be dangerous. I began designing knitting patterns in 2012.

I'm addicted to coffee, the Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who, the colour pink, lots of geeky things, and knitting! 


Hi! I'm Dami, the second half of the design team JavaPurl Designs!

A little about me: I’m a 17 year old, Christian, LGBTQ+, recent high school homeschooled graduate, podcaster, unprofessional arter, pattern designer, and aspiring nurse.

I began knitting in 2007 and designing knitting patterns in 2016.

I love love love musicals (HAMILTON & The Great Comet), Jane Austen, Marvel, Elementary, and so much more!